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I’m Gabe Tandoh and through Gabe’s Kids I want to help the Holy Child Preparatory School in Ghana who is in desperate need of a safe building structure.

It’s a preschool and elementary school that was founded 15 years ago with kids ages 2 ½ to 8 years old. The school currently has 85 kids and 7 teachers. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting this school multiple times and every time I go back there to help out, their situation seems to take a turn for the worse.

The school is in need of school rooms with four walls and a roof over their heads. The current roof is hanging on by a few 2 x 4 pieces of wood and a tin roof. The school has been operating since inception in this manor without any support or help from the government or other organizations.

Holy Child Preparatory School would love to help more children with their education but are unable to enroll any more due to limited space.

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Gabriel Tandoh

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